Read how we automated sales inquiries collection for Krishna International, UAE

Sales inquiries collection for Krishna International, UAE

About Krishna International, Dubai

Krishna International is a telecom transnational group with presence in over 20 countries. The company is a leading distributor for global brands in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and APAC region.


Recording inquiries into the sales database is a time-consuming process for any organization. Jennifer wanted to consolidate inquiries. Furthermore, she wanted to collect inquiries in one place.

Maintaining inquiries as well as answering them proved to be messy. Customer data and inquiries from various sources were scattered over multiple emails and spreadsheets. It was a performance bottleneck for the staff. They spent majority of their time streamlining and entering the inquiries data. Also, different software was used to reply to the emails. Constantly switching software led to a lot of confusion and waste of time.

Additionally, training the sales force for data entry was a huge overhead for the company. Searching through piles of files to get the required query was time-consuming.

The Sales team had to constantly switch between different platforms in order to collect the queries, and send emails. Jennifer wanted a user friendly solution for the sales executives.

Solution for consolidating Inquiries

With automatic collection of leads from website’s contact form & leads import, the team could focus on selling. All the customer & sales data was consolidated in one place. Tracking, updating the status and following up on inquiries became super easy. All the sales activities were captured in ubiCRM.

Jennifer noted that all the software updates were automatic. ubiCRM provided them with customizable email templates to communicate efficiently with the customers.


Jennifer acknowledges that our tool for automatic collection of inquiries has simplified the entire lead management process for her organization. Jennifer is especially grateful that ubiCRM is maintenance free. The sales staff is a lot more productive and enthusiastic at work. Her sales conversion rates have never looked better!

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