1. Collect Leads

With our Customer relationship management system, get a quick summarized view of leads – the hot leads, the recent leads, leads from different sources.
– Website, Emails, Spreadsheets, Phone…Capture the contact data at a glance for any desired period.

Collect more leads with customer relationship management system

Schedule meetings quickly with online CRM Software

2. Schedule meetings quickly

Check today’s meeting agenda. Schedule meetings without stepping out of ubiCRM. Take quick weekly view of the upcoming client calls.

3. Engage more customers

Plan your promotional campaigns. Send out bulk mailers. Record customers feedback through our customer relationship management system. Send price proposals. Close the sales deal. Huge time saving!

Engage more customers with Customer Relationship Management Software

Gain customer insights with Best CRM Software

4. Gain customer insights

Customer relationship management system isn’t just used to store customer information. Get powerful insights into customer’s buying trends through analytics. Spot the likely sales conversion. Double your chances of clinching the sales deal.

5. Close sales effortlessly

With ubiCRM your sales team has more time to conclude the sale. Armed with powerful insights and business intelligence, more and more business is assured.

Close sales effortlessly with Best Online CRM Software
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