Q1. What is customer organization software?

Ans. Customer organization software is a cloud based business management software. It helps you to manage business with your clients. Customer organization software allows you to analyze needs of your customer. Moreover, it also helps you to promote your business and make more leads

Q2. Can I customize Lead Management software according to my need?

Ans. ubiCRM comes with a plethora of customizable features. You can customize customer organization software according to your need once purchased.

Q3. Is this software platform independent?

Ans. Yes, ubiCRM is platform independent as it runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux – any platform you have.

Q4. What is the set up criteria of ubiCRM?

Ans. A few minutes of setup time and you’re good to go. No IT support, no extraneous hardware, no peripheral software! Installation is remote.

Q5.Can I try the software before purchasing it?

Ans. Yes, of course. You can sign-up for our 15-day free trial to get accustomed to our customer organization software. Register your email address and mobile number with us to get started.

Q6.What happens after the trial? Do I have to compulsorily buy the product?

Ans. You’ll be asked to purchase the product after 15 days of use. However, should you not consider it the right fit for your organization, you are in no way bound to purchase it post-trial.

Q7.Is it possible for me to get a demo of the software?

Ans. Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate ubiCRM via Web Meeting or a representative office in your country. You may send us your demo request via mail or our Contact Us page. We shall schedule and reach out to you for your demo session at the earliest.

Q8.Can I change the selected plan after I’ve purchased it?

Ans. Sure. You may change or upgrade the plan at any time post-purchase to better suit the needs of your organization.

Q9.How may I contact your support team?

Ans. We are available to answer all your queries at support@ubitechsolutions.com

Q10.Do we have to update ubiCRM and how often ?

Ans. No, With customer organization software- ubiCRM available on cloud, all your upgrades are automatic. You’ll always have the latest version with all your customization intact. No more messy upgrade schedules!

Q11.How secure is my data ?

Ans. All customer data is protected with physical security, data encryption, user authentication, application security, and more. You can safely leave your data loss worries behind.

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